I became interested in women’s health and hormones in 2011 when a multitude of imbalances in my body began to create problems for me. I lost my dear mother to breast cancer in 2007 and have not been able to stop thinking about what could have been done differently. The further into the menopause I came, the more I wanted to learn and understand.

Diet and exercise was an important foundation that I had had with me for a long time, but now other techniques were added. New dietary supplements, tools to deal with internal stress, knowledge of the importance of sleep and how to enable it, bio-identical hormones and how to balance women’s lives as a mother, a wife and as an entrepreneur.

I’ve probably lost count of the number of books I’ve read on the subject, how many supplements I’ve tried out and how many therapists I have spoken with trying to understand this. More and more I chose to specialise as a hormone expert through individual client activities, courses and lectures. The more I learned, the more I understand how complex hormones are and the more I want to work to ensure that women’s health is taken more seriously in our society.

During 2018 I studied at Paleo Institute, STHLM, with the goal of becoming a licensed functional medicine therapist. Unfortunately, I had to interrupt the actual thesis work in the last few months because of illness.

My clients have taught me new nuances regarding hormonal imbalances and that every woman is truly unique. Moreover, I am rather angry at how many women are currently being treated by their doctors. Nonchalantly treated when asking for bioidentical hormones, not listened to, not treated for obvious thyroid gland imbalances, sometimes operated on unnecessarily instead of determining the cause of hemorrhages, uterine fibroses and lots of symptoms that make it difficult to enjoy everyday life and care for themselves. Usually with a prescription for antidepressant drugs that often do not have any bearing on the root problem.

My curiosity to learn more about the male hormonal balance has over the years resulted in new presentations and lectures. There is much to be desired even for men when they need health care help. There is a great shortage of andrologists in Sweden (a doctor who is an expert on male hormonal health). Often the primary care physician is ill-acquainted with male age-related hormonal health considerations.

I work holistically. I go through your health in a holistic way with focus on the OAT axis and its important functions (ovaries, adrenal glands, thyroid gland). Ref Dr M Lam

If I am not able to do this, I will find a solution. I have many talented colleagues in my network that I can refer you to, with a variety of expertise.


Exercise should be fun! How else can it be enduring in your life? The body has been built for thousands of years to move, primarily outdoors, preferably on uneven ground, occasionally to escape dangers and, for example, remove obstacles on the road. Nowadays, the situation is different. Swedes sit on average 14 hours per day. This can cause shortening in hip tendons, which in turn creates problems in the back, neck and shoulders.

Everything in both body and mind feel good through exercise and it is important when you are going to lose weight. Muscles increase metabolism and burn energy.

Please engage a personal trainer if you have difficulty getting motivated. Sometimes just a few sessions will help you develop a personalized training program, or maybe meet once a month to make sure you are doing it right. I am a trained strength training instructor and can show you all the basics. If you want to invest heavily and develop in your training, I think you should hire one of my talented colleagues who are well trained personal trainers and have more skills in developing exercise regimens for you.



I have a master’s degree as an international coach (ICC) from the Scandinavian Leader School. Also, I am an NLP Practitioner. NLP means Neuro linguistic programming and is a working method of communication coaches use in addition to conversation and mental strength training.

I constantly sharpen my knowledge through extra seminars, fact books, close cooperation with talented colleagues and continuing education.

A life coach becomes better the more experience she herself has. It is you we should focus on, but if you feel that I understand, that I have similar experiences and the right training to help

you, then we can together create changes for you that make a big difference. It is based on trust between us. Of course, I have a duty to keep our work confidential!

I have many years of life experience with my family. I know what great joy and grief means. I have experienced the negative effects of long-term stress. It is important to have good tools to rely on when your personal or professional life does not turn out as you had hoped. I like to work with humor and metaphors. I hope you will look forward to our sessions.

It’s you who decides the pace of our work. I can support you along the way with the tools you need to succeed. Most often, my coaching is about health issues: how to stay healthy, get energy back, training issues, and how to balance your food, family and professional lives.


Brainwave therapy

A very powerful tool to reduce stress, sleep better, get better focus and concentration is “brainsync” or brainwave therapy.

I have for several years myself used this tool and recommend it to all my course participants and clients. I even tested it on my daughter when she was struggling to go to sleep. Now you can buy the files on my website and at the same time contribute to my continued work and testing of this tool. The MP3 files are sent via mail to your computer. You download them and then add them as music to your smartphone. Always listen with stereo headphones. This ensures that you hear the important subtle sounds that will affect your brain.

American web shop for brainwave therapy

Here you can buy downloadable files that really make a difference for your inner balance: https://www.brainsync.com/

Listen when you have a break, such as on the train, plane, or in the car. Or look forward to a lovely moment when you’re going to fall asleep. Each track is about 30 minutes or longer. 10 minutes is better than nothing. No problem if you fall asleep; the sounds will affect your brain anyway. There are also files to listen to while awake e.g. In Studies (Super Learning). I will gladly help you with instructions and selection of programs.

Sacred Ground is an excellent package to start with – 4 tracks for 4 week programs. The first time you listen, you do it daily for a few weeks. Then you can take a single pass as you wish and depending on what you want to achieve. Or choose Super Learning, which you can listen to with or without headphones when you work, read, or need to concentrate. Listen daily for several weeks. It improves memory, increases concentration, increases learning ability. Sleep through most of the night with Deep Sleep by setting the music file to repeat. Effective for those with sleep problems.