About Louise Rudberg

I have been a Licensed Nutrition Advisor since 2006, from Fredrik Pauluns Nutrition Center, nutrition and nutritional advisor at MF Education, ICC coach and NLP Practitioner via the Scandinavian Master’s school Lars Eric Uneståhl, licensed strength training instructor at MF

Education, and licensed EQ leader. Also studied functional medicine under 2018 at the Paleo Institute.

Assignments as a teacher for the previous MF Health courses (now Paleo Institute), Jonas Bergqvist for 7 years as licensed Nutritional Advisor and licensed personal trainer and as a consulting teacher for Anna Hallén training.

Further educated in hormonal teaching via Mia Lundin, Sylvia Oppenheim (Hormoni.se) and have read many books on hormonal literature in Swedish and English.

Created the title “hormone therapist” and trained colleagues in the health industry to become licensed hormone therapists in the years 2016-18.

Here is the more personal story of Louise and how it all started.

Mom’s Pharmacy

When I grew up my mother had a wooden box with a red cross painted on the lid. Her mother worked as a nurse and the very well-stocked drawer contained her personal pharmacy. My experience was that no matter what had happened, there was always something in the box that could help.

Some of my most powerful memories of my childhood are about the different ways that mom fixed-up and cared for her loved ones. I remember how she cooked tea with honey to relieve their sore throats and how she cleaned our skinned knees. She was absolutely amazing and I really admired her for the knowledge she had.

Although I did not think about it then, I was effectively an apprentice in my mother’s “Home Infirmary” during childhood. And perhaps that is why I do not get scared or hesitant in an emergency, but immediately see what needs to be done first.

Throughout my life, it has always been important to help if someone has suffered an accident or is not doing well. As a teenager I had dreams of becoming a physiotherapist. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the grades for it at the time, but after 20 years in business, health became my profession.

And even if I don’t have a box with a red cross on it, I have created my own personal pharmacy. There is knowledge about nutrients, hypersensitivity to food and not least about how our hormones affect us. My pharmacy is by now just as well-stocked as Mom’s and no matter what has happens, there is always something useful to pick out.

It started to chafe: A pebble in my shoe

I started my career in marketing. For many years I was very happy with my job, colleagues and employers, but over time it did not give me the same satisfaction anymore. It was as if I had gotten a pebble in my shoe. Sometimes it did not bother me, but over time it became increasingly irritating.

In retrospect, now I realize I should have just stopped then. But I continued because outwardly everything seemed OK. Pay and benefits were good, and the workplace was easy to commute to.

Like so many other women, I thought I should stifle my feelings. But my health deteriorated. I became dizzy increasingly often, felt tired and often had headaches. In 2008, the market crashed. One day when I got to work and parked the car, I didn’t know where I was.

In retrospect, I realize that the body took matters into its own hands when I did not listen. I am thankful for what it showed me. It opened the door to a new professional life in health, nutrition and hormones, and a new way to relate to life. A journey that, although it was in many ways obvious, demanded, and even today requires, a lot of courage. Courage to dare to run your own business, courage to not always be safe, courage to dare to realise its limitations and courage to follow my inner guidance. For I cannot work unless my heart is along for the ride.

So, if you have a pebble in your shoe, I want to say that you can stop walking. You don’t have to keep walking until it has created a serious wound. You do not have to crash. You always have the choice to stop and decide that it is time to follow a different life’s path.


From 2008 – 2014 I taught regularly on a consultancy basis to the then MF group, which eventually was transformed into the Paleo Institute, with my colleague Jonas Bergqvist as CEO. My pupils were prospective licensed dietary advisors in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, Nerja Spain and prospective licensed personal trainers.

2015-2016 teacher assignments for Anna Hallén Education AB as a licensed lifestyle consultant.

2016: Started my own education as a hormone therapist.